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Swim! Bike! Run! : workout plans for swimming, cycling and running app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7520 ratings )
Sports Health & Fitness
Developer: Egor Ovcharenko
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Dec 2012
App size: 1.93 Mb

Anyone can swim a mile in just six weeks - we will teach you how!

Now also includes training plans for running and cycling - you can prepare yourself to run 5k or enter an amateur bike race.

SWIM A MILE IN 6 WEEKS. Many people consider swimming to be the fastest and most enjoyable way to get in shape quickly. Surprisingly enough, using our special training program, anyone can continuously swim a mile freestyle in just six weeks! Now also includes an absolute novice plan to prepare yourself for the main "Swim a Mile" plan - it takes just 2 weeks.

RUNNING AND CYCLING TRAINING PLANS. Also includes two proven, easy-to-follow and rewarding training plans, aimed for beginners:
▸ Run 5K in nine weeks
▸ Enter a cycling event in ten weeks

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Check off completed workouts, add comments, total distance and time, best lap time, and see it all on the History tab

COMPLETE CONTROL OVER SCHEDULE. Missed a training date? Want to have a more aggressive schedule? Last training was too hard and you’d like to repeat it? Dont worry, you can re-schedule a plan anytime - just select your preferred days, next workout and workout date, and you are back on track!

- Jason U., March 17: "Great app! I have learned a lot about the "freestyle" and myself over the last 5 weeks."
- Ruth R., Jun 11: "Thank you for this app. I wanted to see if I could do it because Im a newer swimmer. Now six weeks have passed and Im swimming a mile!"
- Joshua H., May 21: "I love the simplicity & gentleness of your swim-a-mile info-app"
- Garret B.: "Im a lifeguard who recently took up swimming for fitness. I sort of had to work up to being able to complete day one but I just completed it today!"

ADVANCED SWIM WORKOUTS. As a bonus, 50 advanced-level swim workouts are included so you can continue swimming after your Swim A Mile plan (big thanks go to Ruth Kazez, author of them and of Swim A Mile program)

Quoting Ruth Kazez, author of the method:
"Young or old, fit or not, six weeks seems to be the most common length of time it takes to be able to swim a mile without stopping for rest. It requires training three times per week and the willingness to be somewhat uncomfortable while stretching your aerobic ability.

As muscles enlarge to meet new demands, so does our ability to absorb oxygen. If we methodically increase our need, our body responds in kind. The amount of discomfort should be small, but it is necessary to pant a bit at the end of each effort and only partially recover before beginning another.

The number of breaths taken before continuing I guarantee will not seem enough. I also promise you’ll be surprised that you are able to continue much more easily than you imagined. The feeling of not having adequate rest is necessary in order to improve."

Pros and cons of Swim! Bike! Run! : workout plans for swimming, cycling and running app for iPhone and iPad

Swim! Bike! Run! : workout plans for swimming, cycling and running app good for

Simple. Useful. Not gimmicky at all and very to-the-point. Great app.
I definitely use it at the pool to give me workout plans and increase stamina. I wish you could put comments and there are some spelling errors/typos. Same advice as website. But good app and good advice. I recommend.
This is a great app that was easy to follow and do. I highly recommend it especially for new swimmers starting to train for tris!
This has been a real winner of a swim training app for me. The progression is just right. I recommend it whole heartedly.
After a year of trying to recover from a knee injury, I decided to give swimming a try and was looking for an app that would give me some guidance on getting started. I used C25K years ago to get going with running, and this is basically the swimmers version (I like to call it SMi6W). I do wish it had a way to record my times so that I could monitor my pace, which I know is increasing, but for a basic beginners workout, this is great!
UPDATE 25 July 2014: the developer delivered on the 0-700 plan for us slower pokes working our way into the mile plan. THANK YOU! I have returned to swimming after many long years... Actually, I should say I have overcome my fear of the water to try swimming again. After many failed attempts and many dollars with some of the very popular triathlon swimming programs I happened upon the website that inspired this app. It was like a flash in the sky that I realized I do not have the endurance to maintain the techniques taught in those programs. That I just need to get in the water, swim and build my endurance. This concept, to me, was so simple I couldnt believe how I had overlooked it. The developer realizes this too with how he lays out the steps for not only swimming but running and biking too. We have to learn to crawl before we walk and the process of crawling builds us to walk. I have asked the developer to include his 0-700 plan (for those of us who need to learn how to wiggle to the crawl position

Some bad moments

This should be a free app. Its not robust enough to warrant a fee. The zero to mile swim schedule it features online is free and you could calendar it yourself. In fact, if you want your workout on your iPhone calendar you will HAVE to calendar it yourself because theres no export or sync to your calendar. There are advanced swim workouts but only the MOST basic run and cycle workouts. Overall, pretty disappointing.